• Process Development & Safety

    HEL - UK
    Automated tools for Process R&D, Process Safety & Hazards Assessment from small volume Screening to Optimization and Scale up for Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals & Petrochemical Industries.
    Reaction Calorimeter
    Parallel synthesizer
    Crystallization Tools
    Hydrogenation Tools
    Safety & Hazards Assessment
    Adiabatic Calorimeter

    Polyblock 4 & 8 (For Screening, Process Optimisation, Synthesis and Discovery) as per QbD
    With either 4 or 8 independently controlled and monitored zones with independent stirring.
    For performing upto 112 simultaneous reactions with temperature range of -80 ° C to +250 ° C
    Choice of reactor volume from 2ml to 500ml with different shapes eg flat bottom, round bottom, spherical to be used in reaction zones with adaptors.
  • Automate II (4 & 8)

    Highly Functional and Versatile Platform
    Options of 2, 4, 6 or 8 zones available with Vials, flasks and custom reactors up to 500ml, interchangeable
    Movable jacket, independent temperature & stirring control and monitoring of each reactor.
    Facility to mix and match up to 8 different reactors and vials, low and high pressure.

    A. CrystalSCAN (For accurate detection of crystallisation and dissolution onset points)
    CrystalSCAN is a parallel synthesis platform, Coupled with Turbidity probes andcontrolled-dilution pumps for solubility and MSZW determination in multiple samples for accurate detection of crystallisation and dissolution on set points.
    Raw temperature and turbidity data is displayed graphically which is then automatically extracted to produce a complete MSZW plot, live.

    B. Crystal EYE
    A portable turbidity probe for Solubility, Super Solubility & MSZW Determination studies
    Can be used in any size & shape of Glass Rector

    A. High Pressure ChemSCAN HPCS (for Rapid Screening in Parallel Batch High Pressure Reactors)
    On-line gas consumption calculation and gas uptake display for each reactor.
    An 8 reactor platform rated to 200 ° C & 100Bar (200Bar option)
    B. CAT systems(for semi quantitative Catalyst Screening)
    CAT 7 with 7 standard 10ml vials.
    CAT 18 with 18 standard 2ml HPLC vials.
    CAT 24 allows the use of 24 open top vials with test volume is around 1ml.

    C. FlowCAT (for Continuous flow catalytic reactions)
    Fixed Bed, Continuous Flow Reactor for continuous flow screening and optimisation of hydrogenation and other high pressure reactions.
    Provision for Gas and Liquid Dosing, Pressure regulation, Vent Gas measurement and link to GC
    and PAT probes is possible

    A. Simular - (Reaction Calorimetry by Heat Flow, Power Compensation and Reflux Calorimetric Techniques and INSTANT On Line calorimetry)
    To determine the rate of heat release during a process.
    From this, the cooling duty required for scale up can be calculated.
    Dual Reaction calorimeter with High Pressure and Glass reactors, different high capacity Heater/ Chillers integration , automatic sampling during the reaction for off line analysis

    B. Thermal Screening Unit
    For preliminary safety studies and hazard assessment.
    Determines the rate of rise of temperature, pressure to handle chemicals safely.
    Uses 1-5 g of sample and provides thermal stability information - including pressure (i.e. Onset Temperature and pressure Data)

    C. Phitec I & II (Adiabatic Calorimeters for detailed safety evaluation and relief system sizing)
    Determine with HWS mode even the minute Exotherm.
    Automatic Calibration.
    Global reaction kinetic studies.
    Time to maximum rate (TMR) , TNR, & SADT, order of reaction, Activation energy etc.

    Online Simulatation Software for mixing validation problem
    User friendly VisiMix mixing simulation software enables process engineers to visualize all the mixing processes – blending, homogenization, liquid dispersion, dissolution and more to increase productivity and reduce costs. The latest VisiMix products are:
    VisiMix 2K8 Turbulent
    VisiMix 2K8 Laminar
    VisiMix 2K8 Different Impellers
    VisiXcel- Data Base
    Visimix Pipe Line
    VisiMix RSD - Rotor Stator Disperser
  • DOE software (Statistical Modeling Tool)

    AICOS Technologies Ltd., Switzerland :

    Stavex a DOE software ( For API & Formulations) : It is a user-friendly PC-based software system enabling experimenters in research and development to apply statistical design and analysis of experiments in their routine work independently of a statistician.
    Special knowledge in statistics is not necessary.
    Intelligent and flexible user guidance enabling to analyse easily even complex situations with many potential influence factors.
    Multitude of graphics for visualising the results.
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