• Thermal Validation System

    Amphenol Advance Sensors
    Kaye Validator
    Kaye Valprobe [Wireless Data Logger]
    Kaye RF Valprobe
    Kaye Labwatch
    Calibration References & Standards
  • TOC Analyser for Pharmaceutical Water Application

    Offers TOC Analyser which fully oxidizes each sample guaranteeing the most accurate TOC result that follow EP2.2.44 guidelines.

    1. Online Application
    Model Anatel PAT 700

    2. Laboratory TOC Analyser
    Model Hach QbD1200

  • Stream-Sequencer

    SKY-STREAM-SEQUENCER helps perform analysis of Samples from Multiple streams using single analyzer. It organizes the sample available for online analysis as programmed.
  • Titrators

    Automated Potentiometric, Coulometric & Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrators, Auto Burettes from SI combine ease of use with maximum accuracy & the robustness required for daily operation in the laboratory. Applications includes the food & beverages, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis etc.

    A. Titrators
    TL 7000 with auto sampler Series
    TL 7500 KF Trace
    TL 7750 Series
  • Dissolution Test Systems

    A. DissoPrep:X8/X15TM
    Dissolution Media Preparation and Delivery System
    Gravimetrical Principle
    Available with 8/15 kg tank
    PC Software with 21CFR Part11 compliances

    B. easyDISS:TX6/TX8
    Tablet Dissolution Tester
    Available 6&8 Position
    Cooling Option 4-60Oc

    C. Sampilio:X8
    Dissolution Auto sampler
    Online HPLC with transfer module
    Online UV
  • Bu-Manager

    Mr. Ramesh Kumar Sahu

    Business Manager- Water & Validators


    Contact Number: 09341212822

  • Bu-Manager

    Mr. Muralidhara Tantry

    Team Leader


    Contact Number: 09930956633