• Thermal Validation System

    Amphenol Advance Sensors
    Kaye Validator
    Kaye Valprobe [Wireless Data Logger]
    Kaye RF Valprobe
    Kaye Labwatch
    Calibration References & Standards
  • Stream-Sequencer

    SKY-STREAM-SEQUENCER helps perform analysis of Samples from Multiple streams using single analyzer. It organizes the sample available for online analysis as programmed.
  • Titrators

    Automated Potentiometric, Coulometric & Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrators, Auto Burettes from SI combine ease of use with maximum accuracy & the robustness required for daily operation in the laboratory. Applications includes the food & beverages, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis etc.

    A. Titrators
    TL 7000 with auto sampler Series
    TL 7500 KF Trace
    TL 7750 Series
  • Dissolution Test Systems

    A. DissoPrep:X8/X15TM
    Dissolution Media Preparation and Delivery System
    Gravimetrical Principle
    Available with 8/15 kg tank
    PC Software with 21CFR Part11 compliances

    B. easyDISS:TX6/TX8
    Tablet Dissolution Tester
    Available 6&8 Position
    Cooling Option 4-60Oc

    C. Sampilio:X8
    Dissolution Auto sampler
    Online HPLC with transfer module
    Online UV
  • Bu-Manager

    Mr. Ramesh Kumar Sahu

    Business Manager- Water & Validation


    Contact Number: 09341212822

  • Bu-Manager

    Mr. Muralidhara Tantry

    Team Leader


    Contact Number: 09930956633