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Combustion / Trace Elemental Analyzer

Combustion Analyzers for accuracy, simplicity and cost-effectiveness with Vertical NSX-5000 Models. For determination of Total Sulfur / Total Nitrogen/Total Halide in Organic and inorganic samples.

NSX-5000V series will contribute to the reduction of environmental impact through advanced technologies.It enables automatic, safe and highly sensitive measurement of trace nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine in liquid or gas samples. Can be used in a wide range of applications such as quality control of petroleum/ chemicaland environmental analysis.


  • Total Nitrogen by chemiluminescence method [ASTM D4629/D7184/UOP 981]
  • Total Sulfur by UV Fluorescence / Microcoulometric Method [ASTM D5453 / ASTM D 7183/ D3120/D6667/ UOP 987 / UOP 988]
  • Total Chlorine by Microcoulometric Method [ASTM D4929/ASTM D7457, UOP 910, UOP 779]
  • Combination of any or all the above 4 elements [Sulfur / Chloride / Nitrogen / Halide] is available for Gas / LPG and liquid
  • Low Sulphur < 10ppb analysis by TRU510 as option compliant to U0P 987