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A Unique Desktop Simulation Software with Primary Focus On Process Analysis

VisiMix® outputs provide all necessary process characteristics, and do not require any further post-processing by a user.

  • Calculating simplified profiles of certain fluid dynamic variables.
  • Dividing a process vessel into a several large zones by deriving and solving proprietary equations.
  •  Calculating process characteristics of interest by using fluid dynamic variables.
  •  VisiMix® is not another garden-variety CFD package. Rather, it is a sophisticated process design and simulation software fully adapted to actual needs of process engineers.
  • VisiMix Turbulent – Low viscosity liquids and multi- phase system
  • VisiMix DI – Combined mixing devices
  • VisiMix Laminar – Highly viscous and non- Newtonian
  • VisiMix RSDE – Rotor Stator Disperser and/or Emulsifier
  • VisiMix Pipeline – Carreau rheological model
  • VisiXcel – Creating an organized data base
  • Bubble columns – simulations with bubble mixing
  • VisiMix 3D Viewer – 3-dimensional visualization
  • VisiMix Off-Center – modeling and technical calculations
  • Scaling Up/ Down – SCALING up/down efforts
  • Process Evaluation – performance of mixing operations

UNIVERSAL: It Covers a broad range of tank sizes, design configurations, types of physical processes and their characteristics.

 RELIABLE: It produces technically and cost-efficient solutions at all critical points of process design and operation. USER FRIENDLY: It concise input interface with internal controls, helpful hints, and warnings that prevent a user from inadvertently stirring production process away from its nominal course

RELIABILITY/SAFETY CONTROL Feature This feature is supported by:

  • A built-in data base of process parameter safety limits
  • A message generation system, which analyses both initial data and calculation results, and issues warning messages whenever a specific input leads to unacceptable process condition