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Accurate Potentiometric Titrator

TitroLine 7000

With its performance spectrum, the automatic titrator TitroLine® 7000 is the ideal starting device for all potentiometric titrations with potential for expansion and automation. Thanks to the high-resolution and precise pH/mV and “dead-stop” measuring interface, it is possible to determine a wide range of parameters quickly, reliable and accurate. The easy exchangeable burette heads with a size of 5, 10, 20 and 50 allows a quick change between the different titrants.

  • High visibility, full color display that can be easily viewed from a distance and at extreme angles.
  • Reagent data is securely stored in the intelligent and interchangeable modules.
  • Automatic wireless recognition of SCHOTT® Instruments ID electrodes guarantees accurate calibration and measurements.
  • Touch keypad interface for error free operation.
  • Includes three USB and two RS232 ports for expansion and connection of devices such as USB storage of methods and data, stirrer, laboratory balance, PC and additional SI Analytics peripheral devices.
  • Versatile and flexible for a variety of applications
  • Titrations in glacial acetic acid with perchloric acid.
  • Hydroxyl, NCO (Isocyanate) number and further specific values.
  • Acid and base numbers in oils.
  • Determination of the enzyme activity (ex. Lipase).
  • pH stat elution of soil sample at pH 4.
  • Monitoring of the pH value during chemical syntheses