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Premium quality consumables and certified reference materials

Combining top-quality consumables with cutting-edge CRM solutions to enhance your daily experiences and build lasting relationships

Our standards are ISO 17025 & ISO 17034 accredited. By using our products, customers are able to maintain process accountability.

Supplier Product Details
Altus Science

Certified Reference Material (CRM) provider, focusing on Total Organic Carbon

CRMs and Conductivity Standards along with consumables for all brands

Santis Analytical Ag

Complete solutions for analytical consumables

for various Instruments of various brands

Elemental CRM’s

Certified analytical standards for combustion &

Elemental analyzers from ppb to % level for

Sulphur, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Sulphur / Nitrogen Mix,

Solid standards, Carbon Standards, along with Miscellaneous chemicals


Karl Fischer reagents consists of



Single solution


Dehydrated solvents

Standard water-methanol

Check solution

Water standards (different concentration)

  • All brands of TOC analysers
  • DSC
  • AAS-Graphite
  • ICP
  • ICP-MS
  • Moisture Determination
  • Mercury Analyzer
  • Aquatak®
  • Potentiometric Titrator
  • Karl Fisher Titrator & many more analytical instruments