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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

GBC SavantAA

A true double-beam spectrometer.

The SavantAA can be configured to exactly meet your analytical and budgetary requirements.


  • Optics
    Double beam with background correction and flame emission capability. Asymmetric modulation with 2:1 sample-to-reference ratio for noise reduction. All-reflective system with quartz overcoating on mirrors. Sealed against dust and vapour. Optional ESV supplied.
  • Monochromator
    Ebert-Fastie design with 333 mm focal length and 175–900 nm wavelength range. 1800 line/mm holographic grating with dual-blazed profile and 1.6 linear reciprocal dispersion.
  • Lamp Turret
    Eight-lamp turret with automatic lamp selection.
  • Background Correction
    Hyper-Pulse background corrector on the SavantAA.
  • Performance Guarantee
    Greater then 0.9 abs for 5 mg/L copper solution with an RSD of less than 0.5% on the same measurement for the SavantAA.


  • Eight lamp fully automated turret with auto alignment of lamps for sequential multi-element analysis.
  • Programmable flame control with ten safety interlocks provides reproducible operation with gas flows automatically set when changing methods.
  • All-reflective optics for high light throughput.
  • Automatic wavelength setting, 185 to 900 nm.
  • Continuously adjustable slit width 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments in both normal and reduced height with automatic setting.
  • Asymmetric modulation reduces noise by up to 40%.
  • Hyper Pulse fast background correction provides 175-423 nm correction range, at up to 2.5 Abs.