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FlashSmart™ Elemental Analyzer

Solve more laboratory challenges, improve workflow, and minimize downtime when performing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen (CHNS/O) analyses with the Thermo Scientific™ FlashSmart™ Elemental Analyzers. Based on the modified Dumas Method

FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer is highly flexible, offering modularity that enables over 20 configurations in one instrument. Besides expanding your analytical capabilities, this analyzer features powerful software that supports automation and precise reports, making the system easier to use from start to finish.

  • Automatic gas and column switching accessory 
  • Available in Single and double furnace
  • TCD Detector
  • Non consumable Advanced GC column
  • Autosampler with 125 position

FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer add automation to your daily organic elemental analysis for a wide range of applications without compromising precision and accuracy.

  • Simple design and usability
  • Improved CHNS/O workflow analysis
  • Higher sample throughput
  • Higher modularity
  • Dedicated features